About the walking

What you need to know about Sunday walks

You can just turn up to walks that interest you - we are easy to spot and normally get a mixed bunch of 10 to 20 people. Contact details of the walk leader are emailed every Tuesday before the walk just in case you need to contact them on the day (mobile phone reception permitting). All we ask is, if after two walks you wish to continue walking with the group, you join through the Rambler's Association (see home page). Sadly if you don't after two walks, for insurance reasons, we will have to turn you away.

  • Please bring
    • a packed lunch unless stated otherwise in the walk details
    • plenty of fluids
    • sturdy waterproof boots that support your ankles to help you over rough ground and muddy conditions
    • waterproofs for the British weather!
    • wear suitable clothing (no jeans) that dry quickly. Hat & gloves are advisable in poor weather. Walk leaders may refuse people if not attired appropriately
    • rucksack (no plastic bags or shoulder strapped bags as they hinder mobility)
    • blister plasters (and/or first aid kit)
    • spare laces - they do tend to break when you least want them to
  • If you suffer from any medical condition that the walk leader should know about, please mention this to them before starting the walk. However be aware that we are not first aid trained
  • As a rule of thumb we will finish a walk with a drink in a pub and sometimes stop en-route where a suitable place can be found
  • Walk timings depend on many variables which may not be known at the start of the walk e.g. the number who turn up, terrain, number of stiles, our inability to walk past a pub without going in! As a rough indicator work on walking 2 miles an hour plus half an hour for lunch
  • There may not be public conveniences at the start or during the walk unless you count a well placed bush! If you need to stop ensure someone knows so we don't walk too far off without you
  • Well behaved dogs are allowed upon agreement of the walk leader, please contact them first to assess suitability for dogs.
  • And finally bring a sense of adventure - you can't necessarily plan for the unknown - you just need to take it in your stride when it happens

What you need to know about weekends way

  • Take into account all of the above
  • In addition bring
    • additional food and drink in case we have to stay out longer than expected
    • survival shelter (optional but recommended so there are enough to go around)
    • hat and gloves to cope with the inevitable altitude
    • keep a head torch with you at all times (You'll get to hear the stories as to why!)

General information

Weekends away

The group organises weekends away to various parts of the country. We try to arrange two a quarter. We normally travel up on the Friday night, and typically stay in Youth Hostel accommodation with a pub nearby. Saturdays generally involve a strenuous (though rewarding) "walk" with an easier one on the Sunday. Only members of the group are entitled to come on weekends away. We also offer a Navigation Skills training weekend in the Peak District to help encourage new walk leaders.

Car sharing

We encourage car sharing though generally leave it up to individuals to make their own arrangements. Once on a walk talk to as many people as possible and we're certain you will be pointed toward members who live near you to swap contact details. We can't promise but for your first walk or so Email Us and we'll try to put you in contact with someone who may be able to help. Please remember to offer something to cover petrol and any car parking costs if you receive a lift or return the offer on another walk. See the Car Share page for more details.

Our Walk Grading/Mileage

Walk mileages are indicative only. Walk grading is subjective and is generally made before venturing onto the walk itself based on what the map indicates and the leader's knowledge of the area. Don't be put off with the grading you will be surprised with what you can achieve!

However please try and work gradually up to a "Difficult" walk, where a good level of fitness and confidence in walking and scrambling over rough terrain is required. Definitions of walk grades are as follows:

  • Distance - Easy = Up to 7 miles
  • Distance - Medium = 8-11 miles
  • Distance - Difficult = 12+ miles
  • Difficulty - 1 = Easy terrain with a couple of mild climbs
  • Difficulty - 2 = Moderate terrain with steady climbs
  • Difficulty - 3 = Hard terrain, possibly with exposure and scrambling, with steep and long ascents

NB: The grade gives the maximum difficulty, walks may contain parts of each grade. If you are uncertain about the difficulty of a walk please call the walk leader. Please note: All walk leaders volunteer their time to plan and organise their walks for free. The group would not survive without them. Please support them on the walk when needed. We walk as a group so please remember to think of others as well as yourself.

Policy for dogs on walks

In recent weeks a few of our members have raised the topic of Dogs on walks and it has been raised at the Warwickshire area meeting earlier this year. Our policy is as follows:-

The walk Leader is bringing the Dog - The Leader should state in advance if they are bringing a Dog on the Walk when they submit the walk details.

An attendee of the walk wants to bring a Dog - They should check with the committee if it is okay to bring the Dog on the walk, e-mail or the Facebook site are the best ways to do this.

Remember it may not be appropriate for a Dog to be on the walk and Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

About the Socialising

We have an active and fun social calendar, with regular monthly pub meets and restaurant trips around Leamington, Warwick and the surrounding area